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2022 Information!

Our 21st Year


New Scheduling Format for 2021

For 2021 and beyond, we will be using a "game-on, game-off" format for most divisions.  This will allow teams to play all of their games within a general 6-hour format.  Also, all guaranteed games will be pre-scheduled and only championship games will be reliant on pool place.  This will minimize the need for extended days.

Boys Tournament
Session Saturday, November 19, 2021 Sunday, November 20, 2021

JV (24 teams)

14U (24 teams)

12U (24 teams)

10U (12)

8U (12)

Varsity (48 Teams)


Girls Tournament
Session Saturday, November 27, 2021 Sunday, November 28, 2021

JV (24 teams)

7th/8th (24 teams)

5th/6th (24 teams)

3rd/4th (12 teams)

1st/2nd (12 teams)

Varsity (48 teams)



19623 Evergreen Mills Road
Leesburg, Virginia
$80.00 per player
(Boys Varsity, JV, Middle School,14U, 12U & Girls Varsity, JV, 7th/8th, 5th/6th)
$65 per player
(Boys 10U, 8U and Girls 3rd/4th, 1st/2nd)

($10 Late Fee starting November 1st)
Fees Include:
Guaranteed FIVE, 25-minute Games - 
(Boys Varsity, 14U, 12U & Girls Varsity, JV, 7th/8th, 5th/6th)
Guaranteed FOUR, 25-minute Games - (Boys 10U, 8U and Girls 3rd/4th, 1st/2nd)
Custom T-shirt Jersey w/Fall Brawl Logo
Certified Officials
Certified Athletic Trainers