LaxNOVA Events' mission is to HAVE FUN while playing our great game. We offer events for scholastic, recreation and club teams.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How old is the Fall Brawl?

The Fall Brawl was started in 2002 and celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2021

Why did the Fall Brawl start?

In 2002, the concept off-season tournaments was in its infancy.  It was developed to NOT interfere with Fall sports but allow player to connect again after playing in the fall season.  As clubs and off-season events started and grew, these became the "new normal" of how players were recruited.  With these events came alot of pressure and expectation.  The Fall Brawl has become that once-a-year, FUN event where no college coaches are present and everyone can just have FUN!

Why do you use a 7v7 format?

The 7v7 format allows for more touches and a faster-paced game.  It also allows for a smaller roster of just 12 players when other team members may be involved in fall sports playoffs or winter sports.

Why do you only allow rec and high school based teams?

There are many, many club events out there but where can you play with your "spring" team?  This is intended for players and families to connect but also as a tool for coaches to getting their kids thinking about the most important season...SPRING!!

What prompted the move to Evergreen/VA Revolution Sportsplex?

As much as we were optimistic about the 2020 Fall Brawl operating as normal, it became clear after a few months at home that this would not be a normal year.  We were “on hold” for several months until Fairfax County made their final decision.  On August 7th, Fairfax County announced that no tournaments would be permitted on county or school fields for the remainder of 2020.  Luckily, we had a backup plan and moved to Evergreen Sportsplex.

We were so impressed with he facility, the level of support and customer service and the TURF fields that we decided to stay and signed a 5-year contract through 2025.

What kind of venue is Evergreen/VA Revolution Sportsplex Sportsplex?

Evergreen Sportsplex in Leesburg, Virginia is a specially designed sports venue.  It’s not a park or open to the public.  Many of you are already familiar with this venue and we are thrilled to be hosting on an all turf fields.   The turf fields and lights were replaced in the summer of 2021.