LaxNOVA Events' mission is to HAVE FUN while playing our great game. We offer events for scholastic, recreation and club teams.

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Playing Rules

Game Administration

  • NFHS Rules apply except where noted below.
  • Games are 2x20 minute halves w/2-minute halftime. Games are on the 45m time block.
  • Game time will be kept on the sideline.
  • Penalties will be running time

Playing Rules

Note: The purpose of the Winter Thaw is as a “teaching tool” to prepare players and officials for the upcoming season.

  • Normal NFHS rules will apply including penalty time being served under a running clock.
  • Coaches are expected to keep the penalized player out of the game for the penalty time assessed.
  • Personal Fouls will be called VERY closely and lost-likely result in a multi-minute foul for the offending player.
  • No stick checks will be called by officials or coaches but a player may request his stick be checked for legality.
  • Ties will result in a braveheart because they are FUN!!. (1 goalie and 1 field player, goalie cannot cross midfield)
  • One 30 second time-out per HALF can be taken at any time per NFHS rules.
  • Ejections – 1st-sit out next game, 2nd-disqualified from any remaining games.

General Warnings

·Please be aware that balls can and will fly from fields (shots or passes) and cause serious bodily harm.

  • Do not sit directly behind goals or within reach of errant shots that could travel up to 50 yards from a goal.
  • Players, Coaches & Fans are always expected to act with class & sportsmanship. Failure to do so will risk player & team disqualification. If asked to leave the premises, please do so immediately or the proper authorities will be called.